Terms And Conditions

By using and purchasing from this website you are agreeing to the following conditions:

Everything we make is handmade to order therefore each type of item has a different despatch time which is not inclusive of transit time.

Please check these before purchasing. 

It is assumed by purchsing an item or items you agree to these despatch times. If more than one item is purchsed with different despatch times then the longer despatch time will apply.


I am happy to create bespoke or custom items but please don't ask to me copy anybody else's work - it's insulting to both myself and the original creator

 This includes other fimo artists work and large companies eg. Disney
I've made certain toppers exclusively for my own use which you will find on my guestbooks and gifts
 They are not for individual sale.
I work through the orders in the order that they are received.
Please don't ask to me to "rush" an order through for you after you have placed the order as I can't guarantee it
 If you ask me before placing the order I can let you know how long an order will take
 And finally...
 Please note everything you see on the website is handmade.

This means there may be slight imperfections and variations in colour and design.
None of the items are edible.
They are made from fimo, a form of polymer clay which although non-toxic is not to be swallowed.
Everything is carefully made however they are breakable and must be treated as you would treat glass, both in storage and carriage.

Should any piece break away from the decoration it may be glued back on using superglue however we recommend disposing of it carefully to avoid accidental swallowing.

Small pieces may cause choking.

Keep all items out of reach of children.

They are for decorative purposes only and NOT toys.

Do not give to children under 3 years.